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The VML (Verbal Motor Learning) method has been used for holistically treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Motor Speech Disorders in Israel for 19 years and Australia for over 4 years. The VML method uses manual techniques, motor learning principles and considers the development of each child in order to teach the child how to pronounce consonants, vowels, syllables and words. It also provides training in therapy for oral-motor control, oral sensory systems, and breath control.
While originally based on the Hebrew language, over the last few years several English and Polish speaking children have been treated successfully with VML in English. The VML method was translated into English and is practiced in Melbourne, Australia, through The Voice Within Speech Pathology for over 4 years by multiple therapists. We are passionate about equipping professionals and parents alike in providing scientifically based assessment and therapy for children with CAS, so all are welcome to attend the training and become a VML therapist.
The third Basic Training course for the VML in Australia is being held by The Voice Within Therapy Centre in Melbourne, this July over three consecutive days. Through theoretical teaching and hands on practice participants will complete:

1. Initial on-line learning of theoretical background

2. Become familiar with the VML method development and structure

3. Become familiar with the latest CAS research results and implications, motor learning principles and sensory development

4. Learn to administer all the manual techniques

5. Learn to administer the VML Evaluation and basic analysis

6. Learn to use motor learning principles in treatment with children by creating the optimal learning environment and motivation. 

7. One year follow-up training to apply what you’ve learnt with continued support


For further information about the July training for the VML please click here


To learn about the development of VML and recent research results please click here

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VML Training Details 

Location: Voice Within Therapy Centre

Address: 510 Kooyong Road, Caulfield South VIC 3162

Dates: Friday 17th July – Sunday 19th July 2014

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm daily

Cost: $1650 per person (includes pre-learning, practical 3x day training course, and on-going support for 12months)

Target population: Registration is open to speech & language pathologists, parents, integration aides, allied health assistants, ABA therapists and educators.

To register please email Michelle: admin@voicewithin.com.au

Testimonial received on 17th February 2014 from a parent of a child with CAS:Words cannot express our gratitude for all the work you have done with Hugo. You have taken him from being a virtually non verbal 2 year old to a fully verbal 6 year old. When we first started Hugo’s therapy he didn’t even have the skills to move his tongue left and right or up and down. Through your use of the VML Method, he now has full use of his tongue and throat muscles. Once he had the fundamental tools in place he was able to produce all the sounds needed to start putting it together learning his blends and sounds. We have been thrilled with Hugo’s progress. His confidence has increased enormously since you have given him the tools to communicate with his peers. Your balance of humor warmth and discipline has been perfect for Hugo and he has benefitted from your perceptiveness, sensitivity and skills. Your genuine love and desire to help Hugo to communicate and your ability to change your lesson depending on him is something I wish all therapists and teachers were able to do. Hugo has absolutely loved having you and always looks forward to seeing you.

Testimonial received on 17th February 2014 from a parent of two children with CAS:
I will never forget my son’s first session with Elise because I cried.  He was diagnosed with severe verbal dyspraxia at 2 years of age and at 3.5years with weekly speech therapy he still couldn’t get his little mouth to make most sounds.  In that first session Elise got my son to make the ‘b’ sound, and we haven’t looked back!  There was a time when I really didn’t know if I would hear him connect two intelligible words, and now at 5 years old he speaks in full sentences and is age appropriate with his sounds and almost there with his sentence structure.  Miraculous is how I describe it to friends, but really Elise has an incredible ability to connect with children and is highly skilled in numerous techniques including the VML Method (a child centered approach that uses physical prompting techniques), which is one of the techniques that worked for my son.

My younger son is also seeing Elise and he is now 3 years old.  He absolutely adores Elise and his face lights up when she walks into the room.  He is on a different trajectory than my older son as he is making slow and steady progress.  He is heading in the right track though and he always works hard for Elise.  He has dyspraxia and autism, and I am not sure that someone else would be able to achieve such a concentrated yet fun session with him week after week. 

Dr Elad Vasdi
Dr Elad Vashdi founded the Yael Centre in 2002 and has treated over 1000 children with disabilities in the last 18years of clinical practice.  He has a doctorate in physiotherapy and published multiple articles in relation to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), developmental disorders, child development and intellectual disability.  After working extensively with children with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and CAS, he applied his expert knowledge of motor learning and child development to create a multidimensional program for treating children with CAS called Verbal Motor Learning. Following this he built a team of therapists (speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists and educators) to develop a scientifically based complete developmental approach for treating children with special needs. Dr Vashdi’s ambition is to change and improve the tools we are using today in helping children with special needs to grow and be a part of society. Currently Dr Vashdi is running two clinics in Israel, whilst publishing, presenting and conducting research on the VML and MDT, an international lecturer and trainer of the VML and MDT, and an international consultant for children with special needs. 


Published articles and books
Vashdi, E. (2014). The influence of Initial Phoneme Cue technique according to the VML method on word formation with a child who has apraxia of speech and autism – A case study. International  Journal Child Health Human Development. 7(2): 00-00. (in press)
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Articles and books in preparation

Vashdi, E. 2013. New Insights into CAS population profile. In editing.
Vashdi, E. 2013. CAS speech patterns. In editing.
Vashdi, E. 2013. The correlation between Non speech Oral Motor Exercises (NSOME) and speech production in CAS treatment, a wide clinical retrospective research . In editing
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 To register please email Michelle: admin@voicewithin.com.au

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