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You can find our clinic at 510 Kooyong Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162

The front of the Voice Within Therapy Centre Clinic

Our clinic

We are passionate about allowing individuals to learn in their best way possible. We understand that all people learn differently, so we have specifically designed a clinic with inside and outside spaces to meet different learning styles and needs.

Move room

The ‘Move’ room was specifically designed for children who need to crash, bang, spin or move in order to interact and engage. Fine and gross motor skills are targeted through equipment and toys. There is a sensory cupboard equipped with textured walls, lights and blankets for children who need a small sensory space to regulate. The double-sided mirror is a great tool for parents, teachers and therapists to observe without children feeling the pressure to perform. It’s no surprise this is the favourite room for many of our little champions!

The Move Room at the Voice Within Therapy Centre Clinic

Imagine room

The ‘Imagine’ room is a place where we help children to develop imagination, flexible thinking and interactive play skills. These skills are vital to communication and yet are often overlooked. Our artist in residence, Sue Harlow, blessed us with painting the beautiful sky mural.

The Imagine Room at the Voice Within Therapy Centre Clinic

Create room

Creative expression through art, literacy and cooking are completed in our ‘Create’ room. Some individuals don’t fit the traditional teaching mold and need to be able to learn outside the box. Having a whole chalk board wall to draw on welcomes even the most timid writers. Having a kitchen to learn counting, measuring and/or reading, through making a cup of tea or baking can be just what’s needed.

The Create Room at the Voice Within Therapy Centre Clinic

Focus room

The ‘Focus’ room is designed for activities that require a distraction-free, focused and calm environment. The prints and wall colour were chosen specifically for this. The type of activities that are most suited to this style of learning are cognitive and academic tasks (e.g. puzzles, reading, writing, numeracy, video modelling). This room is especially suited to adults or school aged children the require a quite desk space for learning.

The Focus Room at the Voice Within Therapy Centre Clinic

Retreat room

Parents, guardians and carers are vital within any therapy program. Their support, understanding of the program, and home practice can be the defining factor for success. So this space is for parents, guardians and carers to rest in a child-free zone, watch the sessions through the double-sided mirror or get some much needed emails done.

The Retreat Room at the Voice Within Therapy Centre Clinic

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