Partnerships & Collaborations

We believe in partnering and collaborating with other professionals to ensure every individual’s needs are met holistically.

Professional bodies

Speech Pathology Australia (SPA)

Speech Pathology Australia is the national body for the Speech Pathology profession in Australia. All our speech pathologist are registered Speech Pathology Australia active clinicians certified for practice of the profession. As clinicians at the Voice Within, we prioritise the Speech Pathology Code of Ethics and Clinical Guidelines to ensure the best and safe quality of services.


Readability Hub

Readability Hub offers MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) literacy support classes, school readiness classes, kindergarten screening and teacher training both online and face-to-face in Melbourne’s Bayside region. Their services include both assessment and intervention classes to support children to improve their reading and writing skills.

ABA Kids

ABA Kids provides behavioural support, consulting and Applied Behaviour Therapy (ABA) service for early intervention. They are located in Parkdale, in Melbourne’s Bayside region. They can service a wide range of locations across Melbourne via their mobile services and services in their new clinic, including social skills groups and sporting groups.

4thought Psychology

4thought Psychology is renowned for providing personalised referrals and a family focused centre. Our aim is to match individual clients to the practitioner who is a perfect fit for you and your therapeutic needs.

Lizard Centre

Lizard Centre is a leading provider of early intervention support for families using strong evidence based practice. Programs are individualised according to each families needs and run utilising solid Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles to provide a structured approach to skill development. Lizard also words in a highly collaborative manner to provide a holistic and team approach to enhancing skill development, training and empowering families and individuals to provide the best long term outcomes.


Yael Centre

The Voice Within Speech Pathology has been in international collaboration with the Yael Centre, Israel, since 2010. Dr Elad Vashdi, Director of the Yael Centre, has developed the Verbal Motor Learning and Multi-Dimensional Therapy (MDT) approaches and trained speech pathologists at The Voice Within Speech Pathology to assess and provide therapy for children.

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