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Sentence level

We have now mastered word level! It is time to start working on the target sound in a short repetitive phrase. For example, “Give me the cake” or “Give me the key”.Source: @adventuresinspeechpathology

Production at word level

Once the child is able to identify the difference between the minimal pairs, they will startworking on producing single words. There are heaps of games/activities you can play at word level.Grab a deck of minimal pair cards and say a … Continued

Auditory discrimination

The first phase in minimal pairs intervention is auditory discrimination. The child will learnto understand the difference between the two minimal pair words, where the words sound thesame, except one word starts with a k sound and the other word … Continued

Meet Milo

Meet Milo our cheeky monkey who loves practicing new words with you! Minimal pairs intervention is one way to treat phonological processes. Minimal pairs are words that differ by one sound. For example, car and tar. This is a common … Continued

Phonological Processes

Have you ever heard a child say “tea” instead of “key” or “bow” instead of “boat”?These patterns of speech are called phonological processes. Phonological processes are patterns of sound errors that children use to simplify speech as they are learning … Continued