Feelgood story about reaching your goals and not letting anything get on your way. Great achievement Tiana.

Quote of the day

“Be mindful of people who are in situations where their difficulties do not define their character, their intellect. Because that’s what I tell stutterer. You can’t let it define you.” Joe Biden.

Talking to children about disability

A great article on how to talk to kids about disability.👇

Word of the day

Yay! We can now say the target sound correctly in a sentence.Generalising the target sound in conversation can be tricky. A good activity to work on generalisation is selecting a “word of the day”.The aim is to see who in … Continued

Silly Sentences

Once the child is confident with carrier phrases, it’s time to make up some silly sentences. Can you think of a silly sentence about the picture above? Write it in the comments below!