My church and our clinic are proud to continue empowering and supporting our community. Please DM us directly if you require technical equipment to be able to support yourself and your family during these times.💻 As a team, we are … Continued


Hands up, who needs a little video to start the day with something positive? 🙋‍♀️🙋https://www.facebook.com/AmazingAuditions/videos/2722777534678312/

Telehealth is all the rage now!

What seemed a thing of the future is now the new normal for everyone.Telehealth can be daunting at first but it comes with several benefits: – Continuity of service 👍– Can be highly interactive with use of toys in your house🎲– … Continued


For those that can not wear facemasks for medical or practical reasons, please contact Alan who generously donates his time to produce faceshields for the community at minimal cost. Find his contact details in his website:

Scavenger hunt

Time for some outdoor activities that keep the kids entertained and safe at the same time. See if they find all items on the scavenger hunt list.