Developmental Language Delay

16th October is Developmental Language Delay awareness day. #DLD #DLDseeme Find resources and information and raise awareness to support students with DLD.

Building your childs language skills

Language rich environments can positively influence a child’s language development.There are many things you can do at home to improve your child’s language development.- Studies show that children who are read to more frequently have larger vocabularies, greater language complexity, … Continued

Home learning strategies

Over the next few weeks we will share a few learning activities that can be easily done at home. With these strategies you can support your child’s learning during play time. 1. Exposing your child to a range of words. … Continued

International day of sign language

Celebrate International day of sign language today.Spread the word and learn about sign language to help create a more accessible and inclusive community for deaf people.

Delta Goodrem

After a surgery in 2018, a paralysed nerve left Delta Goodrem unable to speak. In this video she talks about her communication difficulties and the challenges she went through during her journey to recovery.