Research driven school holiday intensive programs

We are excited to announce we are now offering individual and group intensive programs at The Voice Within.


Fun-filled, scientifically driven programs will take place during each school holiday break and can be tailored to your child’s specific needs and days.

Intensive programs involve therapy sessions which are multiple days in a row. These intensive programs are available for children aged 12 months-18years. Programs are available to target a range of areas to produce rapid, long-lasting improvement.

Research evidence indicates that daily therapy can create more rapid changes to a variety of speech, language and communication difficulties within the brain. Daily condensed practise allows for learning to transfer to long term memory at a quicker rate – producing long lasting changes. The school holiday break is the ideal time to invest some time into your child’s ability to communicate more effectively during the busy school terms.

Programs are available to improve your child’s ability in the following areas:

– SPEECH: producing all the sounds of speech accurately
– SOCIAL SKILLS: interacting with their peers
– UNDERSTANDING: understanding concepts and following basic instructions
– LANGUAGE: using correct grammatical markers in sentences
– LITERACY:reading, spelling and writing
– SCHOOL PREPARATION: preparing for prep
– WRITING: structuring written work including reports and essays

2014 DATES:
Monday 30th June- Friday 3rd July
Monday 22nd September- Friday 26th September
Monday 29th September – Friday 3rd October
Monday 12th January- Friday 16th January
Monday 19th January- Friday 23rd January
Individual intensive programs are being offered as as mobile service in Melbourne’s bayside, south and south eastern suburbs.
Group programs will be run from our SandringhamClinic (Learning Fundamentals, Suite 12 / 18-34 Station St, Sandringham VIC)
$600 / 4x 1.5hour daily individual therapy sessions
$450 / 4x 1.5hour daily group therapy sessions
Please contact Michelle on 0497 847 044

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