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Kinder and Prep Screening is a highly valuable tool for preparing children to learn at school. This involves speech pathologists screening all children’s speech, language and early literacy skills in a Kinder or Prep class. The screening involves:

  • – Screening each child’s individual speech sounds, ability to follow instructions, expressive language, and foundational skills for reading and writing (i.e. phonological awareness).
  •  – Individual analysis of each child’s skills.
  • – A summary report for each child with all results and ongoing teaching/therapy recommendations to assist with their development is sent to parents and teachers.
  • – The data is collated and analysed at a whole class level and provided to the school. This assists with class planning and lesson planning.
  • – Feedback session is held for parents requiring any further information and/or advice.
  • – Feedback and mentoring session is held with teachers to assist with lesson planning, to ensure the screening results aid in the ongoing development of each child within the classroom.



Ongoing group speech therapy is available for children who have been identified as requiring additional support. This includes:

  • 6x weekly group speech sessions for 4-6x children held at school.
  • Specific speech, language and/or literacy skills are targeted to support the students who have been identified in the screening as requiring additional support.
  • Weekly home/school practise is provided to ensure the skills that are learnt are carried over to the classroom.
  • Teachers and/or integration aides are encouraged to observe to learn how to best support each child’s learning needs.
  • At the end of the therapy block, students are re-tested to ensure improvement for all students who engage in group sessions.
  • A report outlining each child’s individual results and specific learning needs is given to teachers and parents.
  • Pre and post therapy results are compared to ensure positive change has been made.


  • Early detection of speech, language or literacy difficulties for all children.
  • Specialised support to assist children to develop speech, language or literacy skills so they can thrive and learn positively at school from the start.
  • Standardised data given to each school to track each child’s improvements.
  • The results from 2015, showed all students who participated in the phonological awareness group therapy sessions went from below average to above average on the standardised assessment.
  • Accurate and reliable data available for teachers to plan lessons, form learning groups and plan classes in upcoming years.
  • Schools are given the opportunity to provide students with speech, language and communication disorders with individualised, specialised support to meet their learning needs.
  • The program is run by therapists from The Voice Within Therapy Centre, thus the schools are not burdened with organisational difficulties.
  • The program is run in conjunction with parents, teachers and well-being officers to ensure the student’s program is tailored to meet the child’s most critical needs.
  • Professional development opportunities are also available for the teachers and integration aides to observe and learn about specialised support for students with communication difficulties.

To find out more about running these programs at your school, please email [email protected]