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PlanetKids is the children’s ministry (for children from 9 months old to Grade 6 students) of Planetshakers Church. PlanetKids “exist to discover, celebrate and affirm the champion in every child, and to partner with their parents and caregivers to see them empowered to live their best lives!”*


PlanetKids have a bunch of activities and facilities for both children and families to enjoy. They also have PlanetKids online for kids and families to watch episodes of the “most loved highlights”* of their children’s ministry programs together at home. Colouring sheets are also created for each episode for family devotions to “reinforce the message that is being communicated”* and to have fun colouring it in. 

PlanetKids have a ‘Champions’ program to empower children with special needs and their families. The ‘Champions’ program is currently being run in their East Campus. Please let us know if you would like more details on this amazing program.


* Quotations from Planetshakers website, 03/02/2022

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