Social Skills Groups (SSG) Services

Voice Within offers Social Skills Groups for children to facilitate social and language interactions within a small group.

Speech Therapist doing Group Speech Therapy with children at Voice Within Therapy Centre

Social Skills Groups

Our Social Skills Groups aim to better equip children with the skills required to:

  • Understand and consider the thoughts and feelings of themselves and others
  • Attend and listen
  • Initiate and maintain conversations
  • Regulate their behaviour when in a group
  • Cooperatively play and learn with others
  • Negotiate and compromise
  • Relate socially and develop solid foundations of how to make and maintain friends
Young boy and girl drawing on chalkboard during Group Speech Therapy at Voice Within Therapy Centre

The group configuration is organised not only on the age/ grade of the children but also after careful assessment of their current social cognitive abilities.

Activities can comprise from a number of the following:

  • Introduction of a new vocabulary around relating socially
  • Tasks requiring attention and focus
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Social problem-solving activities
  • Conversation practice
  • Understanding the Zones of Regulation and relating them to ourselves and different contexts
  • A variety of games and/or craft activities

Examples of Social Skills Groups include:

  • Pre School Groups
  • School Readiness Groups
  • Lower Primary Groups
  • Upper Primary Groups

Please email [email protected] for expressions of interest regarding current and future groups. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

What is your process of screening children that are suitable for each group?

Each child is screened by the Social Skills Groups clinician either via a phone call, questionnaire or both prior to confirmation. This is to ensure the best experience for your child and the other children present for skill development. There can be instances where we attempt trialling a session for a new child which can be discussed with the clinician.

How long do I need to commit to a Social Skills Group?

The skills development and teaching of the groups occur over multiple sessions. We ask that all our families commit to a minimum of 12 sessions during a block of social skills sessions.

How many children can be in a Social Skills Group?

The number of children in each group can be between 3-6 depending on the requirements of each group.

Do I have to stay onsite for my child’s therapy session?

Yes. All parents, caregivers or guardians are required to stay onsite either at the clinic or at home to ensure the best safety and effective therapy. At the clinic, all parents, guardians or carers are encouraged to sit in the therapy session, but as an alternative you can wait in our waiting spaces. Please refer to our staying onsite policy for further information.

Can children still attend Social Skills Group sessions during Covid-19 lockdowns?

Groups at the clinic can only proceed if allowed during the level of restrictions. Some groups can be adapted online for Telehealth group sessions depending on the requirements of the children and clinicians. We will advise regarding these options and happy to proceed as possible.

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