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We all have a voice.

Empowering to transcend.

  • 2-7 years old Child Speech Therapy Services
  • Providing Speech Therapy at homes, Schools, ELC, Kindergartens and Childcares within 8km from Caulfield VIC and via Telehealth
  • Supervision, Consultative and Training Services
  • Current Availability
Children doing Speech Therapy services with Voice Within Speech Pathology.

Voice Within Speech Pathology uses Speech Therapy, training, education and resources to empower and help individuals transcend barriers.

Our services

Voice Within is proud to provide a range of support services to empower our clients and stakeholders within a variety of environments.

Speech Therapy

Communication and feeding support for children 2-7 years old.


Online Teleheath Speech Therapy services and consultations.

Pre-School & School Screening

Whole Kindergarten, Prep and Grade 1 screening.

Hanen Program® for Parents

Parent training for communication development.

How we can support you

We work to provide services that empower each individual, aligning with our values, mission and vision at the Voice Within.

Holistic assessments, goal setting and therapy

Our Senior Speech Pathologist assesses clients holistically to know the goals to set and Speech Therapy to commence and progress.

Flexible service delivery

We can provide Speech Therapy services at a variety of locations including homes, Schools, ELC, Kindergartens and Childcares within 8km from Caulfield VIC.

Ongoing solution planning

We are committed to long term planning to manage complex issues in efforts to reduce and remove future impacts. 

Guidance and assistance for available funding

There is a range of funding and rebate options you may be able to receive and we are happy to guide you through the process. 

Collaborative approach with all key stakeholders

We like to include all key stakeholders including families and care team members to work towards the best progression and achievement of our clients’ goals. 

Education assistance, visiting and training

We’re happy to provide education, training and assistance for key stakeholders to work towards our clients enjoying their best quality of life.

How to start

These are the steps for us to start working with you.

Read about us

We encourage you to read about our vision, services and any relevant frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Contact us

Get in touch with us with the below contact form. If the contact form doesn’t work for you, please call or email us.

Intake process

If we may be suitable to work together, we will guide you to complete the intake process.

Attend first session

After the intake process is complete, attend your first session to start the process of assessment and therapy.

Please get in touch

We currently have availability.

We would love for you to get in touch to help determine the next steps. Please kindly fill out and submit this contact form.

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