Frequently asked questions

Here are our frequently asked questions.

Our process

Do you produce reports for all assessments?

Yes, all assessments will include a report to summarise the assessment and observations. This is important for reporting purposes to all stakeholders and for baseline measurements.

What are the cases where we require more in-depth assessments as in Step 2 of your process?

View Step 2 here. On occasions where there are multiple areas that require assessment or the use of more assessment tools, we advise to utilise additional sessions to obtain more information to ensure the best assessment. This is also common in more complex cases.

Can I request progress reports throughout the therapy process?

We provide therapy notes, including the notes after each therapy session. Should a progress report be required for family or funding purposes, we can produce a progress summary. These type of progress summary reports will incur a report writing fee.

How often is the entire therapy process?

The therapy process is very different and varies with each individual depending on their goals and severity. It is advised that you discuss progress with your clinician from time to time as we value your time and investment.

Government Funding & Rebates

What are your fees for NDIS Plan Managed sessions?

Our fees for NDIS Plan Managed sessions are in accordance with the NDIS set fees at the current time. Please refer to the latest NDIS pricing arrangements on the NDIS website.

How much is the rebate for Enhanced Primary Care/ Chronic Disease Management sessions?

The rebate amount for these sessions are approximately $58. This amount will be rebated after the full fee is paid.

How do we claim under Private Health Insurance for sessions?

At present, these claims require manual claiming by clients. As soon as fees are processed and a receipt is issued, you can use this for claiming purposes.

Speech Therapy Services

Do I have to stay onsite for my child’s therapy session?

Yes, if the Speech Therapy session is at your home to ensure the best safety and effective therapy for your child. Please refer to our staying onsite policy for further information.

Do I need to do homework or home practise?

Yes. Home practice is a very important part of the therapy process and is a big factor that results in success or decline in therapy outcomes.

I have a Carer and Therapy Assistant, can they attend or learn from sessions?

Yes, Carers and Therapy Assistants are welcome to attend sessions as we would love to empower them with the skills to assist your child and family.

Can you attend team meetings with other key stakeholders?

Yes, we can attend team meetings to ensure collaboration to achieve best therapy success. These meetings are scheduled and reported as per other therapy sessions. These meetings can occur either in person or via Telehealth.

Are Speech Therapy services funded by NDIS or Medicare?

Yes, Speech Pathology services are funded by both NDIS and Medicare depending on your eligibility or package. Please refer to our Government Funding and Rebates page for more information.

Why do Assessment sessions cost more?

Assessments and reviews are an essential part of identifying baselines and goals for the best intervention moving forward. This process involves pre-planning, possible utilisation of formal assessment tools, conducting the assessment session, analysis of the assessment (this can include the scoring of an assessment) and provision of a report and therapy plan. We take absolute care and work to our best throughout these steps, therefore we have an assessment fee that considers the time and resources for the entire assessment process.

I am overseas and interstate, can we still do sessions?

Yes, we can potentially conduct sessions via Telehealth as a service delivery. Please do enquire with us regarding its suitability as a service delivery for your case.

Telehealth Services

What sessions can be more difficult via Telehealth and can it be managed?

There can be some cases involving severe attention difficulties and behavioural challenges that are challenging to be conducted via Telehealth. In these cases, we can potentially find solutions for participation and/ or conduct parent/ carer training programs to empower parents, guardians or carers to incorporate the targeted skills. Please do enquire either way regarding the suitability for Telehealth during the intake process.

I only have a phone, can I still access Telehealth?

Most Telehealth tasks can be challenging at times via phone, however it is suitable for some individuals particularly adults. This is due to some restrictions in the ability to interact and engage with screen functions during the session. We do recommend an iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for Telehealth sessions. Meetings can certainly be accessed with a phone for Telehealth sessions.

Pre-School & School Screening Services

Is there a minimum amount of children you screen in a cohort?

We recommend screening children within entire age or grade groups. This allows us to compare strengths and weaknesses both individually and as a group, as well as providing group support. Please do enquire with us in the cases of a few children as it can be considered or a different approach might be best utilised for screening and assessment.

How do you inform parents?

Depending on the organisation we support, we always obtain consent pre screening to speak to both teachers and parents. Once we identify students who require further communication or information, we communicate with the parents following another check in with educators or teachers. This can be done via email or a scheduled phone call. Guidance and resources to assist can be discussed at this point. The reports for the entire cohort will be provided to the Kinder and/ or School after summarising results.

Can we contact you to engage with services following the screening process if support is required?

Yes, we would be very happy to advise or engage with you should any support services be required that we can provide. This can be discussed at any time post screening.

Hanen Program® for Parents

How do I know if I am suitable for the It Takes Two to Talk® Hanen Program®?

There are multiple Hanen Programs® and the It Takes Two To Talk® Hanen Program® is specifically designed for children between the ages of 2-5 with language delays. Kindly enquire regarding your suitability as we would love to connect with you to discuss if it’s relevant or suitable for your family’s needs.

Is the It Takes Two to Talk® Hanen Program® suitable for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

There are various Hanen Programs®. The It Takes Two to Talk® Hanen Program® is not specifically tailored to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) however some elements could be suitable. This can be discussed at your enquiry. Please refer to this link for the various Hanen Programs®.

Do I need to commit to the entire program?

Yes, as the program is carefully structured and relies on all learning components as well as group members, it is important that you commit to the entire program including the individual feedback sessions. Families are also welcome to organise follow up sessions after completing the program.

How do you organise the specific times and dates?

The times above are examples of times that are recommended by Hanen for best participation and availability of parents. However, we do attempt to speak to potential participants to discuss times that could suit the group and Senior Speech Pathologist.

Are both parents required to attend the program?

Hanen recommends at least one parent to attend all the sessions.

What can I expect being part of the program?

You would be welcomed into a group of parents doing the program which is facilitated by our Hanen Certified Senior Speech Pathologist. As per the program structure above, there will be a combination of group sessions and individual sessions. The individual sessions will be organised based on the availability of each family and Senior Speech Pathologist. These sessions will be more personalised and involve feedback on videos that you take of your child of your interactions throughout the program. There will also be resources and handouts provided to you for the entire program regarding the program. We also welcome families to connect with us after the training for any follow up required.

Workshops & Events

Can workshops be conducted via Telehealth?

Yes, we welcome workshops via Telehealth as it can assist organisations with participation and active interaction.

Can my team request a specific training tailored to our requirements?

Yes, you are very welcome to discuss with us any specific topics or requirements for your team and/ or stakeholders.

Can you recommend workshop topics for our team?

Yes, we would love to speak to you and suggest topics that could be relevant including any that have been useful or successfully run within our team.

Can we contact you post training to receive advice or resources?

Yes, we would be happy to be contacted post training for you to be directed to any resources or advice as workable.


Can I directly send referrals for Speech Therapy?

Yes, you can send a referral directly to us. However, should you be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan from your GP for partial Medicare rebates for up to 5 sessions, it would need to be completed prior to the upcoming session. Please refer to the funding section in our website for more details regarding the Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Contacting us

What’s the best way to contact you?

You can contact us with the below contact form, as well as by emailing us ([email protected]) and calling us (0408 413 141). As we are unable to take every call, getting in touch with us through our contact form or emailing us would be our primary preference for contact.

If you call us and we are unable to answer at that time, please leave a voicemail and/ or email us at [email protected]. We will aim to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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