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At Voice Within Speech Pathology we are passionate about providing evidenced based therapy with a client and family centred approach.

Multi-Dimensional Holistic Therapy

We follow a holistic Multi-Dimensional therapy approach to obtain the best overview of individuals and families to understand and prioritise areas of support.

Through experience and research we have found this to be the most comprehensive and scientifically based procedure to support all clients and families.

The Multi-Dimensional approach involves:

Initial session

Conducting an initial background case history discussion across all areas of development.

In-depth assessments (if required)

Administering additional formal or informal assessments once the specific areas of assessments are identified and prioritised. This could begin in the initial session in some cases. 

Considering all aspects

Analysing all reports, observations and assessments to develop a summary and recommendations.

Therapy plan

Development of an individualised therapy plan based on the analysis of the case to highlight our therapy goals.


Based on the therapy plan, starting to work on the areas of support using family centred and evidence based strategies, with the best attitude towards problem solving.


Periodic re-evaluations of progress to ensure we are on the right track with our therapy goals and strategy. If required, we revisit step 2 and proceed.


In collaboration with the individual and/or family, we successfully end services and discharge upon completion of therapy goals.

Frequently asked questions

Do you produce reports for all assessments?

Yes, all assessments will include a report to summarise the assessment and observations. This is important for reporting purposes to all stakeholders and for baseline measurements.

What are the cases where you require more in-depth assessments as in Step 2 of your process?

On occasions where there are multiple areas that require assessment or the use of more assessment tools, we advise to utilise additional sessions to obtain more information to ensure the best assessment. This is also common in more complex cases.

Can I request progress reports throughout the therapy process?

We provide therapy notes, including the notes after each therapy session. Should a progress report be required for family or funding purposes, we can produce a progress summary. These type of progress summary reports will incur a report writing fee.

How often is the entire therapy process?

The therapy process is very different and varies with each individual depending on their goals and severity. It is advised that you discuss progress with your clinician from time to time as we value your time and investment.

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