Telehealth Services

Telehealth Speech Therapy services are a form of service delivery where sessions and consultations are provided by phone or video conferencing.

Speech Therapist doing communication exercises online via Telehealth at Voice Within Therapy Centre


Telehealth Services are sessions conducted on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom as an alternative to face to face sessions in person. The goals that are utilised with Telehealth sessions are the same as face to face therapy sessions, where we conduct interactive sessions embedding our therapy goals to practice and build on them.

Interactiveness is the most important component for successful Telehealth sessions as we believe in utilising a variety or interactive tasks and tools to promote best engagement and learning. Home practice and strategies are provided as per all sessions to practice the strategies learnt during Telehealth sessions.

Speech Pathologist doing sign language online via Telehealth at Voice Within Therapy Centre


Most Speech Pathology services can be accessed via Telehealth services with the exception of some cases with more complex attention and behaviour challenges.


The basic requirements for a Telehealth session is ideally a device for video conferencing such as a laptop, desktop computer, iPad or tablet and a strong internet connection. We recommended using a laptop or desktop computer where possible as it provides more interaction for the child during the session. Strong internet connection is important to ensure effective communication and engagement throughout the whole session.

For younger children and children who require more support for participation, it would be very important for their parent, guardian or carer to assist and facilitate them throughout the session. This also assists in the understanding of skills for their parent, guardian or carer when practicing the skills targeted in the Telehealth sessions.


Telehealth has proven to be an effective tool to replace, supplement or complement in person face to face sessions, with consideration of targeted Speech Therapy goals and participation of a child. This is noted for both assessment and therapy sessions. Families who cannot access services due to logistics, time availability or location (including remote and rural areas) have benefited from quality Telehealth services.

Home Practice for Telehealth

Home practice is an important and crucial part of the Speech Therapy process for Telehealth sessions. Home practice helps achieve the goals of an individual through practising the demonstrated, documented and guided skills from Speech Therapy sessions as well as the accompanying relevant resources at home. Effective home practice can significantly increase the effectiveness of Speech Therapy sessions in the process of teaching the new skills. We believe that the process of teaching, learning and conducting home practice is an empowering step for all stakeholders. 

Frequently asked questions

What sessions can be more difficult via Telehealth and can it be managed?

There can be some cases involving severe attention difficulties and behavioural challenges that are challenging to be conducted via Telehealth. In these cases, we can potentially find solutions for participation and/ or conduct parent/ carer training programs to empower parents, guardians or carers to incorporate the targeted skills. Please do enquire either way regarding the suitability for Telehealth during the intake process.

I only have a phone, can I still access Telehealth?

Most Telehealth tasks can be challenging at times via phone, however it is suitable for some individuals particularly adults. This is due to some restrictions in the ability to interact and engage with screen functions during the session. We do recommend an iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for Telehealth sessions. Meetings can certainly be accessed with a phone for Telehealth sessions.

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